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Splendiferous FAN ART!

I LOVE fan art. I love drawing it, and I really love having people draw it for me. So don't be shy! Draw on the "Scandal Sheet!" universe, find something that inspires you, draw it up, and send it to me at scandalsheetcomic@gmail.com. I'll be thrilled, I promise. (Don't forget to include a URL if you want me to link to something - I reserve the right to refuse if something doesn't meet my standards, but my standards are pretty low.)

The Just Us League (by Ellie)
Ellie is probably my most prolific contributor of fan art - the next time I redo this section of the site, I may have to gather all her pics onto their own page. Here Ellie has admirably risen to my challenge to show the cast as superheroes. I especially like Mitzi's costume -- but remember, Mitzi, Edna Mode says "no capes!"
Scrotum? She Darn Near Kilt 'Im! (by Rhea Halter)
This piece of fan art was sent to me by webtoonist and fellow Jenny Everywhere enthusiast Rhea Halter. You can see her comic at Tasha's World. Looks like Mitch is feeling a little teste in this picture, and who can blame him?
The "Man" In the Moon (by Rat)
This piece of out-of-this-world fan art was sent to me by the mysterious "Rat," clearly a pseudonym for someone at NASA. Now we know where Phil was in 1969!
Ito's Over-the-Shoulder Smolder (by Liz Merker)
This piece of fan art was sent to me by the talented Liz Merker. You can see more of her work at Hell On Earth. I never get tired of all the different spins people put on pictures of Ito.
To Wong Foo, Sorry For Everything, Max Murdock (by Molly)
This piece of gender-bending fan art was sent to me by Molly R. and features Max at his loveliest. And YOU thought Patrick Swayze made the least convincing drag queen ever!
Family Photo (by Allison)
This piece of fan art was sent to me by Allison, who runs the show at Dubious Treats. Phil seems to be showing Foster an old family picture from the Comet's archives.
Foster (by Alida)
Alida found the courage to send me this despite having just sat through her daughter pointing out all the ways she got it wrong. I think she did a pretty good job, myself - cut your mom some slack, Alida Jr.!
Foster Has a Nightmare (by Hamadryad)
I find this nontraditional piece oddly charming. Hamadryad would like me to mention that it took her all of five minutes.
Max (by Bess)
Max's sly sense of humor shines through in this piece.
Adam and Ito (by Stephen Crowley)
This isn't strictly fan art - it was from an art challenge Stephen and I did - but it's cool, so I'm including it. Stephen's comic, Loxie and Zoot, is about a nudist resort in Australia. I love it.
Phil Me Up (by Ellie)
To understand what this piece is about, you have to go here in the archives and read the story that follows. It's worth it.
There Is No Spoon (By Ellie)
For my birthday in 2003, I asked for fan art. I even made some suggestions on what people should draw, and one of those suggestions was to dress my characters up like the cast of The Matrix. (This was before I knew the second and third Matrix movies would be so disappointing.) A couple of months later, Ellie delivered! Isn't it fabulous?
Foster Potter (by L.S. Taylor)
Bet you didn't know J.K. Rowling worked for the Comet, did you? Ms. Taylor has launched a comic strip of her own called Kendara; for more of her work, go here.

Foster, Max, and Samantha (by Lycanthrokeith)
This trio of images was created by Lycanthrokeith using Jeff Herbert's Hero Machine. For more of Lycanthrokeith's work, go here.
Mitzi at Bedtime (By Anonymous)
(Alert: this pic is R-rated and NSFW.) I can't imagine why the creator of this charming image wants to be anonymous, but I'll respect her wishes. By the way, it's supposed to be Melissa "Mitzi" Milholland, but it actually bears a stunning resemblance to my wife's college roommate, Gigi.
Samantha's Killer Smile (by RSK)
"Scandal Sheet!"'s toothiest character smiles pointedly.
The Ito Lisa (By Danae)
This was the very first piece of "Scandal Sheet!" fan art I ever received. It was sent to me by Danae of The Blackbird. I love the look of secret satisfaction on her face.
Ito and Sosumi (by Aaron)
Here's a very different take on Ito. I sure wish I could draw her that well - you realize that you must be destroyed, don't you, Aaron? (For Aaron's impressive comic book series, go here.)
Mad Max (By K. Sandra Fuhr)
Here's a wonderful re-imagining of Max after some time on the StairMaster, masterfully (mistressfully?) drawn by Sandra Fuhr of Friendly Hostility. I wonder what he's thinking about?
The Wedding (By Jaime)
Boy, that Foster is really a good sport, isn't he? This bit of fan art, done completely with an ordinary mouse, comes to us from my friend Jaime. Say "Hi" to Haley for me, buddy!

All of this stuff is 2002-2005 Troy Smith, except fan-art submissions, which are their various creators. Please don't steal it.

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