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Here's a listing of the Web comics I read regularly. Some I've been reading for a long time, some I've
just added to my list. All are worth a look - and if you like one, why not e-mail the author and say so?
By the way, each comic you visit will open in a new browser window to make it easy to find your way back.

(Needless to say, this page will be updated when I discover a new favorite, so don't forget to come back
regularly and see what's new. Also, right now I'm just setting up the links and the titles, but soon I plan
to add a brief description to each of these links, so you'll know what you're clicking yourself into.)

DAILY (5x/week or more)

The Bruno Daily Times (By Chris Baldwin)
Catharsis! (By Jen Boeke)
College Roomies From Hell! (By Maritza Campos)
Funny Farm Comics (By R. Smith)
Gaming Guardians (By Graveyard Greg and Web Troll)
It's Walky! (By David Willis)
Kevin and Kell (By Bill Holbrook)
Little Dee (by Chris Baldwin)
PvP Online (By Scott Kurtz)
Queen of Wands (By Aeire)
Sinfest (By Tatsuya Ishida)
Sluggy Freelance (By Pete Abrams)
Something Positive (By R.K. Milholland)

SEMI-WEEKLY (1X-4X/week)

Bruno the Bandit (By Ian McDonald; updates Mon/Wed/Fri)
Commander Kitty (By Scotty Arsenault; updates Tue/Thu/Sat; now on hiatus)
Friendly Hostility (By K. Sandra; updates Sat/Mon for now, moving to Mon/Wed/Fri in August)
Free Fall (By Mark Stanley; updates Mon/Wed/Fri)
Loserz! (By Erik Schoenek; updates Mon/Wed/Fri)
The Suburban Jungle (By John "Gneech" Robey; updates Mon/Wed/Fri)
You Damn Kid! (By Owen Dunne; updates Mon/Wed/Fri)


These are comics that I used to read and love, but that now are either no longer being updated or else
are being updated so erratically that it amounts to the same thing. Still, if you haven't read them before,
click over anyway and hit the archives - they'll be new as far as YOU'RE concerned.

Boy Meets Boy (By Sandra Delete)
Boxjam's Doodle (By Boxjam)
The Class Menagerie (By Vince Suzukawa)
Cool Cat Studio (By Gisèle Lagacé))
Jackie's Fridge (By B.J. Hiorns)
Unicorn Jelly (By Jennifer Diane Reitz)
White House in Orbit (By Reinder Dijkhuis)
Xenith (By Aeire)

All of this stuff is ©2002-2005 Troy Smith except images on link graphics, which are © their various creators. Please don't steal anything.

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