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Fiction by "Scandal Sheet!" Readers

Here you'll find some wonderful stories written for me by some of my talented readers. They may or may not be "canon," but I'm proud to have inspired them and delighted to have received them. Now I want to share them with all of you.

I know some of you may have ideas for fanfic that you haven't written or haven't shown me. That's a lose-lose situation. So don't be shy! Draw on the "Scandal Sheet!" universe, find a story to tell, write it, and send it to me at scandalsheetcomic@gmail.com. I'll be thrilled, I promise. If you want to send a rough draft for my review, I'll be happy to look at it and offer suggestions; final submissions are subject to a final edit and proofreading by me. There are only a couple of content restrictions: Don't show my characters doing illegal drugs (even with negative consequences) and don't kill any of the cast (Enterprise red-shirts of your own creation are fair game).

If you want to write something for me but don't want it put on the site, that's fine - I'll keep it locked away. You can also have me post it here with a pseudonym, or you can have your real name put up in lights for all to admire. (Don't forget to include a URL if you want me to link to something - I reserve the right to refuse if something doesn't meet my standards, but my standards are pretty low.)

Ghost in the Machine (NEW!!)

L.S. Taylor returns with the long-awaited sequel to "A Likely Story" with this piece, which follows Jack Garcia (sister to the late Eduardo Garcia, Max's old partner) as she begins her new job working at the Comet. We also learn something surprising about Grady! The author says she'd like to write more stories about Jack if people are interested; so please e-mail your encouraging remarks - I'll forward them on).

A Likely Story

L.S. Taylor of www.Eleika.com sent me this story as a birthday gift. She's taken one of the comic's peripheral and offscreen characters -- Eduardo Garcia, Max's first partner at the Comet -- and given him a long-lost sister named Jack.


A tingly little vignette featuring two of my favorite "Scandal Sheet!" characters, written by San. I hope she'll write some more for me one of these days.

Ito, I Don't Think We're In Florida Anymore

This piece, by Patrick H., takes place during the time when Foster was still working at Triple Crown Studios, but after Max's roommate and partner Garcia was eaten by the yeti. The way it's written suggests there's more to come - I sure hope so!

All of this stuff is 2002-2007 Troy Smith, except fan-fiction submissions, which are their various creators. Please don't steal it.

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